Dear gentleman who was condescending to me,
Just because you live in a massive, modern home that indicates you have a lot of money, does not mean I cannot tell you are a hoarder. Yes, you have an accent. Yes, you are dressed nicely. When I try to make conversation about what you do for a living and you answer “business” I find that amusing (I’m laughing AT you by the way) but more so, insulting.
Following our visit, sending me a long email with various demands does not help our relationship. Also, ending the message with a list of “business terms” that you say I must understand or I have no business (badum ching) coming back pretty much tops my level of tolerance for you.
What is it you are compensating for? Are you sad? Does the happy sign in your front yard indicating your small farm agitate you? It looks so pleasant- does that make you mad? Does your problem lie with women? Humans? Non-businessmen? Cheer up Mr. Businessman. Life is ok. Do the rest of society a favor too and please don’t raise your three children to be like you.



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