Tea Party

Just spent my visit having a tea party with a legit wooden kitchen set from India and it’s owner, a 4 year old girl in a butterfly dress. For some reason my faux interest in the marshmellow tea she was serving me blossomed into a 4 course birthday meal. It was unclear whose birthday we were actually celebrating, although we sang the song 6 times.

Let me make a quick note to point out that as this was occuring both parents were silently hanging out off to the side. My guess is they were both amused and relived to have myself and their precocious child off their freaking backs.

To add to my level of discomfort the future chef kept referring me to a Barbie and vigorously nodding at her parents. After a while the urge to point out the personal grooming I have to succomb to became almost too much to bear. I feel like telling a child that someday she can be like me if she plucks her face daily and pours chemicals on her hair is damanging to their mental growth. Or, at least it distracts from the focus she needs to become a surgeon.


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